Why Buy Coffee Online?

Welcome to Cafes BO, the best place to buy coffee online. On our website you can choose and buy from our gourmet selection of coffee or our range of tisanes and infusions. When you buy coffee online at Cafes BO you are buying from a selection of the best beans in the world. Explore and discover our exclusive mixes and products.

At Cafes BO we are dedicated to roasting the best types of coffees on the market, distributing them through shops, bakeries, cafes, bars and restaurants from Castellon to Tarragona.

In addition, with our online store, we take care in roasting and treating coffee beyond our traditional scope. We send tea, infusions, coffee, coffee and other gourmet products from our range to all of Spain and with the maximum speed.

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The Best Coffee Beans in the World

Coffe of Cafes BO is an artisan coffee with more than 50 years of experience that works with the best Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world. We work importing the best varieties of coffee from some of the most outstanding farms and cooperatives in the world. Toasting our coffee with the best beans ensures the best cup imaginable.

In Cafes BO we seek to be responsible with the origin of our coffee, making sure that we work in origin with companies that respect our ethical and quality standards. We firmly believe that this criterion allows us to acquire, toast and offer the best possible coffee beans. We are proud of our products and we know that our customers will appreciate the difference.

We are always looking for the best coffee beans in the world, and we continue to look for excellence in everything we do. From the care in the collection of coffee pods to its grinding, storage, shipping and roasting, we strive to offer the best coffee you can taste.