The Tisane of Papa Luna has traveled through time and history accompanied by myths, legend and magic.

Far from all the stories you have heard about it, what prevails above all are its proven medicinal benefits, being used for centuries as a remedy for headaches, digestive problems, tensions and kidney ailments.

The Mediterranean culture that surrounds it becomes patent thanks to the medicinal herbs that compose it and that Pope Benedict XIII, from his pontifical headquarters in Peniscola, popularized.

The aroma of coriander, anise, fennel, caraway and cumin seeds, roots of licorice and dictam and cinnamon inevitably transport you to our region dotted by the Mediterranean.

Now, after centuries of history, we want our tisane to travel the world and to do so with the best possible company, yours.

For all this, we know that our Tisane has become an essential in your suitcase in any of its formats (although we know that the pyramid is becoming your favorite) and that as Benedict XIII did, he travels from the closest places to cross borders.

Making the world know our tisane, its taste, properties and benefits, is our legacy, but now we want to pass it on to you and reward you for it.



If you are one of those who make a hole in your suitcase, backpack or purse to our beloved tisane, we are looking for you.

We want to reward your loyalty with a contest in which all you have to do is send us a photograph enjoying our tisane anywhere in the world (inside or outside Spain), what do you think? easy, right? Come, take advantage of your family holidays or with friends, or your romantic getaway to make the winning photo that will take the different prizes that we will be reporting from the web and social networks, so you can enjoy at home sweet and aromatic flavor .